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I'm Shaun Clowes, I'm a long time technologist, executive, advisor, investor and speaker

My Day Job

I’m currently SVP of Product Management @ MuleSoft. Before that I was Chief Product Officer @ Metromile, a Series-E $300m startup disrupting the auto insurance industry. Prior to that I spent 6 years @ Atlassian where I initially ran product for Jira Agile (now Jira Software) and then spent 5 years building the industry's first B2B Growth team (and later, department).

Advising / Investing

I advise companies on product management and growth. With Brian Balfour and Casey Winters I created the Reforge Retention + Engagement Program


I'm passionate about building great products so I spend a lot of time thinking and writing about:

  • Winning product strategies in technology markets

  • How to successfully scale tech companies from 2 to 20, from 20 to 200 and from 200 to > 2000

  • Using product to drive growth; building products that sell themselves


You can contact me by Twitter (@shaunmclowes) or drop me an email, my email address is the first letter of my first and last names, at